Social Media Marketing

If you’re struggling to get to grips with social media, or there’s not enough hours in your day to get your company’s name into the social media circles, ItsyBitzy will come to your rescue.

Leilani and her team are masters of social media marketing and the great tools it has to offer. They will create a Social media PAGE on behalf of your company and keep it up to date with whatever message you wish to convey to your target market.

Through this social media phenomenon, you will be able to get comments and queries direct from your target market, see what the competition is up to, drive traffic to your own website, and get your brand out there and into the hands of millions of people worldwide.

No brand is too small or too big for a Social Media Page, but keeping it up to date with interesting elements and feedback is not everyone’s cup of tea. With Leilani’s creative mind and her team’s incredible abilities, your Social media PAGE could be the talk of the town… that’s every town in every country.

Get the most out of social media and let your brand become synonymous with what’s fresh and creative.

Social Media Clients:

  • Ontbytsake kykNET Webwerf
  • Slender Wonder Head office
  • Proposal Ideas SA
  • Mrs. Baker
  • Doppio Zero Clearwater mall
  • Pharma Valu Group
  • SA Florist
  • Dare2Share
  • JB Train Tours
  • Efficient Group
  • Ben Alberts Company
  • Garden World Nursery
  • Hello, West Rand
  • Supreme Wellness
  • Eloquent Wellness
  • LaserWorx
  • Studiemeester
  • Studymaster
  • Pet-Friendly SA